Alan Sasson for NY City Council


Hello Brooklyn,

I 'm Alan Sasson

I know what it means to work hard to help yourself and your family get ahead.

I understand the struggles and dreams of growing families in our community and the complex challenges we face with the New York City Government.

I promised myself years ago that if given the chance I would dedicate my life to improving the lives of others by using our cultural and traditional values to strengthen our community and local government.

I have volunteered to assist the elderly and families with legal problems and have also volunteered at local day care 0 centers to assist with takingFIFA 15 Crédits care of children.

I want our community to be a place where our children want to raise their children.

As your next City Councilman, I will work hard to make sure our neighborhoods get more of the services and improvements that we need and deserve. This is my pledge to you – Let's make it happen together



The impact of the City Council Member on our quality of life cannot be overstated:


  • Has direct control over hundreds of thousands of dollars in every city budget
  • Monitors and works to improve city services delivered in your community
  • Appoints Community Board members
  • Introduces legislation in the City Council
  • Passes tuition tax relief for  parents who face high education costs
  • Can put more police on the streets to keep your neighborhood safe and secure
  • Involved in creating affordable housing
  • Protecting seniors and children by creating and funding programs for them
  • Make health care services more accessible





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